Urban Farming

The know-how in urban farming.

Sow Great is so great because urban farming is what we do. Our commercial agronomy background combined with the experience in the urban farming market allows for a unique perspective. As agronomists our perspective is based on science and ensuring the system is the best it can be.

Farming in the city and urban environment is becoming more and more popular. Reducing food miles, locally grown seasonal food are keywords leading the charge. Although growing food in the city isn’t too dissimilar to it’s rural cousin, it does some have distinct differences.

No matter the system, whether it is vertical farming, aeroponics, modular farming, or conventional intensive farming within the city, each system requires rigorous planning, monitoring and adjustment of each input and process.

Sow Great offers services such as:

  • Soil, plant and water testing, analysis and recommendations.

  • Creating soil recipes and blends for specific environment and crop.

  • Intensive monitoring of the growing systems.

  • Integrated pest management (IPM).

  • Full planning and designing of systems.

  • Agronomic consulting.

These services are not limited to Brisbane and SEQ, we travel interstate to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

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