Pricing with flexibility to suit your patch and your picks

There’s a choice of ways you can work with us according to what you have in mind for your food garden. We’ll give you more details on our first free consultation but, in the meantime, this page gives you a price guide so you have an idea of budget and what’s included.

There are three basic options:

These simple plans give you all the agronomy support you need to get started and nurture a healthy crop. They are $199 or $399 depending on whether you want 3 visits or 6 visits.

(See full inclusions below.)

As an addition to the Gourmet Garden Plan of Consultancy Plan, if you’re time challenged or physically challenged and want us do everything including the watering, we can set-up and maintain your patch from $50 per visit.

(See more details below.)

For agronomy advice, reports, tests and all the support you need for abundant produce in the growing style you prefer – organic, permaculture, low chemical etc – we have 3, 6, 12 and 24 visit plans from $60 per fortnight.

(See inclusions below)

Gourmet Garden Plans

Our 3-visit and 6-visit plans cover most combinations of vegetables and some fruits*. Some vegetables (such as pumpkin, parsnip, onion and cauliflower) take longer and we can quote for extra visits or you can go on to a consultancy plan.

What it includes:

Advice on set-up, siting and soil preparation

Advice on culturing plants – including watering, pruning, weeding, weather effects on pest, disease and growth

Laboratory soil analysis as well as ongoing in-patch soil and plant testing

Recommendations of plant varieties to suit your conditions

Scientific care and nutrient recommendations for your chosen produce

Pest and disease identification

Fortnightly visits to monitor growth, soil, pest and disease, and any remedial action needed

A report and recommendation on each fortnightly visit

Our travel time to inner Brisbane suburbs (20 minutes) – ask for a quote to outer suburbs.

Sample pack of seeds, seedlings, fertiliser and plant protection products.

(The pricing is based on the number of visits we’ll make to take you from bare earth to abundant produce.)

Seedlings and materials

If you have bought a Gourmet Garden Plan and are doing the work yourself, we will advise you on everything you need to know, as well as everything you will need so you can buy when and where it suits you.

We’ll give you our experienced insight into the best fertiliser, pest control, compost and mulch products to buy. We know the products that work, the ones that don’t and the best time to use them so we can save you time, effort and money.

No matter which approach you choose, Sow Great will give you a free sample pack of seeds, seedlings and products to help get you started.

If you buy an ‘All Done For Me’ Plan, we will supply everything so you don’t need to worry about buying your seedlings and products.

‘All Done For Me’ Plan

If you’re too busy to prepare the soil, plant and water your produce, we can take care of that too. This plan is only available as an extra with a Gourmet Garden Plans or a Consultancy Plan.

Working to your chosen menu and preferred growing style, we set up, prepare, plant, water, fertilise and maintain your patch. It also includes all seedlings, fertilisers and pest control products. All you will need to do is to ENJOY all the wonderful produce that your garden yields. Starting from $50 per visit.

Consultancy Plans

You can have a one-on-one 45-minute consultation for $80 or we have a range of plans for 3, 6, 12 and 24 fortnightly visits. 

Consultation plans include:

Advice and analysis from degree-qualified agronomist

A tailored report and specific recommendations every visit

Phone and email advice whenever you need it

Laboratory soil analysis and report on the 6, 12 and 24 fortnightly visit plans

An annual 24-visit plan can cost just $60 per fortnight for up to 200m2 vegetable gardens in inner Brisbane suburbs and will ensure year-round abundance in your patch!

Whichever options you choose, remember you’ll be making huge savings on buying produce. And, once you have a prepared patch and the know-how, you’ll be set for continuing successful food production!

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*Distance Surcharge

Our prices include our travel to inner Brisbane suburbs (up to 20 minutes from the CDB). We include an additional travel charge of $60 per hour for suburbs further than 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD.