How it works

Simple steps to scrumptious home-grown food

Sow Great is so great because it makes home-grown produce simple. Simply contact us or book online and we’ll make a date to come and get things started.

It’s simple. We get you started and support you with all the help you need to grow delicious crops of vegetables, herbs and fruit. You can do the digging and planting or we can do the spadework for you. Any size patch can be productive!

First time veggie grower

You choose the Gourmet Garden Plan(s) with produce you’ll love to eat and the one-off price gives you all the know-how you need to get started and nurture your crops for the most abundant and tastiest harvest possible. It’s encouragement, knowledge, advice and education rolled into one.

Step 1 – Pick

We come and check out your growing space and make sure it is suitable for the Gourmet Garden Plan(s) you’d like. If necessary, we can suggest alternative varieties and plants or adjust the plan for your preferences. We’ll explore your preferred growing style – organic, biodynamic, permaculture or any other method you’d like. We will also discuss whether you want to do the digging and planting or whether you also want our ‘Everything done for me’ package. This first consultation is absolutely free.

Step 2 – Support

We give you a detailed plot plan and advice based on factors including your soil’s nutrient analysis, your growing space and our discussions in the first consultation. You will then be confident with what goes where, what soil treatments are needed, what seedlings to plant and what to do to care for them, including how much water each plant needs. If you are doing the gardening yourself, you’re ready to get started. If we’re doing the work, we’ll be back very soon to make it happen.

Step 3 – Protect

Following our instructions, you continue with the basic care your plants require and we come back every fortnight to monitor growth, test the soil, inspect for any pests and disease, and advise on any additional action you need to take. We’ll also give you a report on what we found and where, as well as detailed recommendations to ensure your precious crops are protected for the next fortnight.

Step 4 – Harvest

Pick your abundant garden produce to create delicious meals and share with your friends and family. Chances are you’ll want to start planting your next season of delights!

Is it right for me?

This service suits all growing spaces, including raised beds, vertical gardens, ground prepared plots and all sizes of pots and wicking beds. Whatever your growing style, Sow Great can help!

Established growers

If you already have an established veggie or fruit patch and want expert advice to help your plants thrive and get the best crop, you can choose from our consultation packages, which include soil reports, cultivation advice, pest and disease checks and much more. The 3, 6 and 12 visit plans also include soil tests and additional reporting.

Our packages can cost as little as $60 per fortnight for our scientific advice and support to ensure year-round abundance from your garden.

3-visit plan

The 3-visit plan is spread over 6 weeks and is perfect for any size patch. Within 6 weeks you can have abundant, fresh loose leaf lettuces, zucchini, spinach, radish, kale and herbs.

6-visit plan

The 6-visit plan will cover you for 3 months of fresh produce. The majority of fruiting vegetables can be grown in this time. Veggies like tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, sweet corn and watermelons are all possibilities.

12-visit plan

The 12-visit plan nurtures 6 months of amazing produce. Not only can you grow multiple fruiting vegetable crops and several leafy vegetable crops, you can expand to longer-term crops such as garlic, onion, cauliflower, pumpkins and parsnips.

  Take your gardening knowledge to the next level with the insights that commercial growers use to maximise crop yields. We can help whatever your preferred growing style – organic, biodynamic, permaculture, low-chemical…

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help

Design & Install

Sow Great builds and designs all types of edible gardens. They are specifically designed for your situation, the sunlight your growing area receives and the plants you want to grow. Depending on your budget, aesthetic goals, mobility and access to the area, there are several different types of edible gardens available. These include timber raised beds, corrugated iron raised beds, up-cycled apple crates, in-ground garden and all types of wicking beds.

Our emphasis is on the end goal – that is getting an abundant, sustainable yields from your edible garden. Factors such as design, location and soil are essential to achieving abundances of fresh produce, year round. If these factors are not understood and planned, the garden is never going to thrive.

Our first visit is free and is great opportunity for us to check out your growing space. We will measure the year-round sunlight your growing area receives, assess the different design options available, test your soil if your growing in the ground and outline the types of  the types of edibles you can grow.

Get in contact today to book your free initial visit and quote!