Frequently asked questions

When is the best time of year to start?2017-02-16T16:46:04+10:00

The beauty of our wonderful Queensland weather, is that we can grow most edible plants year round!! There are some exceptions in regards to heat or cold susceptible plants, but in general it is a great climate to grow in.

It is always fun to grow with an event in mind. For example, a dinner party with all your friends. With good planning we can ensure you have all fresh fruit and veggies ripe in time for the party!! Not only is it a great conversation starter and a way to show off a little, but the resulting fruit and veggies are always so delicious and fresh!

How should I prepare my garden for planting?2017-02-16T16:46:37+10:00

We recommend getting your soil tested and getting an agronomist to write a soil recommendation every year. This ensures the soil is well balanced and success rates greatly improve!! Once you have your recommendation – apply the needed products as accurately as possible then mix and water in the products well. This should be done 2-3 months before plants if you have pH issues – to ensure the amendments have a chance to alter the pH before planting.

Will my children learn skills that will benefit them at school?2017-02-16T16:34:15+10:00

Yes they will!! They will learn new theories of plant and soil biology, chemistry of the fertiliser, the physics of soil and water. Many of these are basic lessons taught at school, but just applied in a different and practical context.

What can we learn from Sow Great?2017-02-16T16:57:49+10:00

You can expect to learn about soil biology, chemistry and physics. Maybe things you learnt at uni or school, that you might not have used in several years or at all. The visits are very hands on and practical. Topics like changing the pH of the soil, irrigation scheduling, fertiliser chemistry and plants requirements through a season.

Many of these topics are very applicable to school curriculums and are a great hands-on way to teach kids about some basic principles of science.

Why do you recommend that you visit every two weeks?2017-02-16T16:58:05+10:00

To ensure that the plants are growing well and no potential issues are arising. To get quality produce, it is essential to continually keep a close eye on irrigation, pest & disease and fertiliser requirements. Sometimes we might recommend that we come two weeks in a row if there is a high risk of potential issue to ensure everything continues to grow well.

What do your reports look like and what sort of information do you provide?2017-02-16T16:58:21+10:00

Our reports, recommendation and advice are not generic information and advice. It isn’t copy and pasted from a big book. It is tailored to each particular client, and specific to how they want to grow and to their particular growing space.

An example of the information provided in the report includes: what pest and disease as found in your plants (including all the good bugs), pH and EC readings of your soil and sap, an indication on your soil moisture levels, any cultural advice such as pruning, weeding that could be impacting the plants, weather and pest pressure forecasts etc. If you would like a copy of an example report, please contact us.

Our recommendations are based on what we saw at the visit and therefore what is in the report. It includes information on what to do, when best to do it and how to do it. If applicable and based on how you grow, we will recommend certain products to use (including rates). We will also provide reasoning as to why we think the garden will benefit from it. These products can range from fertiliser, insecticides, fungicides etc and are ALWAYS based on how you grow (ie. organically, bio-dynamically etc).

Pest and disease always seems to kill my plants, how does Sow Great stop this?2017-02-16T16:48:11+10:00

Issues in the garden don’t just happen overnight like many of us believe, the plants and the greater environment give us indications of these arising issues. It is about knowing what to look for and then acting appropriately. This doesn’t mean using broad insecticides and fungicides, its about ensuring the plant is as healthy as possible so they are more resilient to stress and less attractive to pest and disease. This is why at Sow Great we place an emphasis on routine visits so potential issues can’t creep up on us.

How can Sow Great help with my veggie patch?2017-02-16T16:58:34+10:00

Growing you own food should be fun, easy and rewarding! Sow Great can help take the stress and frustrations away from growing your own food so you can concentrate on enjoying your fresh, safe and tasty produce.

Why should I grow my own food?2017-02-16T16:58:43+10:00

Not only does growing your own food provide fresh, tasty produce for your friends and family. It can sprout a new passion and hobby for some, and others it can provide a means to further an existing passion – like cooking with the freshest ingredients. It can be a means to reduce the cost and dependence on the supermarkets giants. Or it can also be a great opportunity to get back to your roots and to potentially teach your kids a fun, excited hobby and skill.

What is Sow Great2017-02-16T17:11:37+10:00

Sow Great is an edible garden consulting business. We are university trained agronomist and horticulturists. – our goal is to make growing your own food – easy, fun and rewarding! Through our gourmet garden plans, we can transform any space into an edible wonderland. We can not only design and construct your veggie patch, but most importantly we ensure through fortnightly visits that your patch is always growing to its full potential.

Can we plant over a few weeks so we get a continuous harvest?2017-02-16T16:47:22+10:00

Of course. Continued year round harvest is the goal after all. We will continuingly recommend new varieties for you to try and the best time to do so as well as the easiest methods of staggered plantings. However, please be aware though that our Gourmet Garden Plans are based on a maximum number of fortnightly visits, so your staggered planting will still be growing after our visits are finished. We will leave you with ongoing instructions and tips or you can start a new plan!

Can you give advice over the phone?2017-02-16T16:56:43+10:00

If you are on one of the Sow Great plans or an ongoing consultancy client and you need advice before your usual fortnightly visit, we can help you on the phone.

Can you do your fortnightly visit if no-one is home?2017-02-16T16:56:50+10:00

Yes, with your permission, and if we can access the plot, we can review progress and then email you a progress report, recommendations and instructions for you. Or if you would prefer, we could discuss it over the phone at a convenient time.

Can you come and discuss our needs on the weekend?2017-02-16T16:57:02+10:00

Yes, we can come on a Saturday. If you are working we may be able to come early or late in daylight hours.

What’s the best time of year to start?2017-02-16T16:57:10+10:00

It depends what vegetables and fruit you want to grow. In our Brisbane climate, you can grow some things year-round and other things are best for winter or summer.

Can you help me with an organic garden?2017-02-16T16:57:19+10:00

Yes of course 🙂 We can advise on the different approaches including organic, permaculture and biodynamic. We can explain the pros and cons of different levels of intervention, and can work any organic fertilisers and natural pest control. However you like or want to grow, Sow Great can help!

Can I grow fruit and vegetables in a shady garden?2017-02-16T16:47:06+10:00

Healthy fruit and vegetables do need sunlight – normally, leafy vegetables need a minimum of four hours of sunlight per day and fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini etc) and root vegetables (parsnip, turnip and carrots) need 6-8 hours. It is important to note that most plants will still grow with less sunlight, however they will not be as vigorous and will likely have some issues (especially the fruiting varieties).

How much space do I need to grow vegetables?2017-02-16T16:47:13+10:00

It depends what you want to grow but even the smallest space with 4+ hours sunlight can grow herbs or salad leaves. Sow Great will help you make the most of the space you have to produce the food you love to eat.

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