Community Gardens

Inspiring communities to grow the food they love.

Sow Great is so great because we love to offer our time to community organisations to help them grow (literally). Our passion is helping people grow their food, so what better way than helping the amazing community groups and organisations, do just that!

Whether it is a new community group with a small, but enthusiastic knowledge base on growing edibles, or a well established, knowledgeable group with many years of experience. Sow Great can tailor a presentation to help and inspire.

We can give garden club talks and presentations on everything edibles, provide tips for your growing spaces, help you plan the planting and fertilising regime or get to the bottom of the issue that has be limiting your garden.

Get in contact to learn more or to book in a presentation.

Group workshops

If you have a group of friends who are all keen on growing their own food, get together for one of our group workshops. Group sizes are normally limited to six people so there’s always plenty of time opportunity to have your questions answered. The sessions are fun and educational and include gourmet lunch and champagne (or beer) so it’s a very relaxed occasion.

We’ll tailor the content to your interests and experience and make sure they’re packed with insights and inspiration!

How does it work?

Choose from a half day or full day, and choose your location – either your growing space, our growing space or a community garden. Workshop are available at the weekend, or during the week by special request.

Pick your abundant garden produce to create delicious meals and share with your friends and family. Chances are you’ll want to start planting your next season of delights!

Public workshops

Lettuce help you grow!

Our public workshops are an easy & affordable way to learn more about growing your own food and meet other urban farmers. We offer three different tiers to cater for all experience and knowledge levels. We will give you the knowledge and know-how to ensure your edible garden thrives. No-more black thumbs!

They are held indoors instead of in the garden to ensure everyone can easily digest the information and take notes if need be. It also greatly reduces the risk of cancelling due to rain or heat. But don’t worry, we have plenty of props, demonstrations and examples to help.

The workshops topics include:

  • Top tips for an abundant veggie patch

  • Soil and fertilisers 101

  • Pest and disease management

  • How to avoid black thumbs

Numbers are limited to 15 people with a minimum number of 5.