Aged Care

Reconnecting residents with the pleasures of growing food.

Sow Great is so great because we help to facilitate horticultural therapy to promote physical and mental wellbeing by engaging residents in the pleasures of growing food.

Residents have the opportunity for a more active lifestyle as well as increased interaction. Meaningful activity is fostered by activating senses including smell, touch and taste allowing residents to reminisce with the joy of gardening.

Sow Great facilitates community gardens to reconnect, engage and involve residents through therapeutic horticulture.  As agronomists and horticultural therapists, we offer our knowledge and experience to ensure the therapeutic gardens are always thriving.

Our know-how increases staff productivity and reduces their need for gardening knowledge.

Sow Great brings our professional secrets to grow more and grow better. Through focusing on facilitating community gardens, we ensure the long-term success of horticultural therapy programs and the garden. The facilitation reduces the pressure on the hero’s of the garden and ensures the garden is always thriving, no matter any changes in the residents or staff.

All gardens are designed to be accessible and incorporate all aspects of horticultural therapy, including dementia specific gardens.

 Sow Great has partnerships with therapists, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists as well as chefs to ensure a holistic approach is provided.

Aged Care Services

  • Design and installation of horticultural therapy gardens (emphasis on edible gardens).

  • Facilitated Horticultural therapy.

  • On-going edible garden maintenance plans (including Horticultural therapy maintenance).

  • Staff training in horticultural therapy and use of therapeutic horticulture in an aged care setting.

  • Garden facilitated activities.

  • Farm and nursery tours.

  • Cooking demonstrations.

  • Craft groups.

  • Grandchildren days.

  • Supply fresh produce to the kitchen.

  • Staff training.