Aged Care Plans

Sow Great is so great because we reconnect, engage and give purpose to residents through growing food.

Sow Great offers two plans for facilitated horticultural therapy, a maintenance plan (therapeutic gardens) as well as a maintenance and resident involvement plan (facilitated horticultural therapy). Our optional extras provide an extensive list of resident involvement activities that can be organised.


 Maintenance Plan (therapeutic gardens)

Community gardens, vegetable patches and orchards need to be maintained to ensure they are always yielding seasonal produce and look fantastic – Therapeutic gardens are no different. We will continually plant seasonal produce the resident identify and interact with so there is an abundance for all to enjoy.

 We take care of the maintenance of therapeutic gardens so residents can just enjoy the veggie patch and surrounds and reconnect with their past, stimulate their senses and increase their interactions. Veggie patches are also a great way to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Maintenance visits by our agronomists are completed fortnightly and are tailored to the growing space and the goals of the facility.

This plan is completed in collaboration with any therapeutic horticultural activities and includes all products and labour. There are no hidden surprises!

Maintenance & Resident involvement

(Facilitated horticultural therapy)

Many of our older generation have a wealth of knowledge about growing food and are very passionate about it. However, in this stage of life, they may be less able to participate in this passion.

Sow Great can help reconnect residents with the pleasures of growing food. Some of the most significant benefits that come with growing food include interaction and connection with others and nature.

Sow Great’s knowledge of growing food is integrated with the residents through activities such as planting seedlings, sowing seeds, weeding, harvesting and pruning in specially designed growing areas. We can reconnect them with their past, stimulate their senses, give them the opportunity for a more active lifestyle as well as promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Facilitated horticultural therapy sessions run for about 1 hour and are completed fortnightly or monthly, depending on demand. They are tailored to the residents’ knowledge, experience, care level and mobility.

Optional extras:

Farm and nursery tours

Sow Great also facilitates stimulating tours to local farms and nurseries as excursions for residents.

These tours are organised, run and facilitated by Sow Great in collaboration with the facility. We have an extensive list of local farms and nurseries that we have collaborated with for these tours. Ranging from dairies, chicken farms, local nurseries and greenhouses. Depending on the situation, these can go for a few hours, a half day or a full day.

Staff training

Sow Great understands that staff don’t have enough time to try and learn how to design and use therapy gardens or facilitate horticulture therapy, let alone how to grow food.  Sow Great can train staff on therapy gardens and facilitating horticulture therapy but also on the fundamental maintenance processes of growing food.

Kitchen supply

The kitchen is at the heart of many facilities and the essence of a kitchen is quality, fresh ingredients. Sow Great can provide seasonal produce to the facility’s kitchen straight from the patch. This not only increases the facility’s image by providing fresh, healthy food that makes meals taste better. It provides additional motivation, increases the moral and joy for the residents seeing and tasting the produce they grew.

Grandchildren days

Sow Great can facilitate grandchildren days in the garden and veggie patch to reconnect residents with the garden and inspire and teach their grandkids with tips and tricks they have learnt. These can be empowering events for the residents!