More ways to get more from your urban garden

If you need additional services to help beyond those included in your plan, we can help.

Laboratory testing

Soil testing is an essential tool to understand the nutrient balance of the soil. Sow Great offers soil testing for all sizes of growers including sampling, analysis of the results and recommendation based on those results. We also offer sap testing in order to provide a snapshot of how plants are growing at a specific point in time as well as water testing to ensure irrigation or watering is satisfactory.

Testing and collection range from $85 to $140 for samples collected with 20 minutes of the Brisbane CBD.

Raised garden beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to set up your veggie garden. They allow you to control the type of soil in the bed and adjust it easily, as well as manage any disease issues better. Rotating crops can be easier too as pest and disease can find it more difficult to spread from bed to bed. They also help with water control, warm the soil more efficiently and reduce compaction. Plus they look great and save back-bending aches and pains!

Sow Great can design and build any size raised garden bed in any style you like from timber sleepers to corrugated iron.

Our prices include soil for bed as well as composts and manures, pre-plant fertiliser and microbes to ensure the bed is ready to thrive when you’re ready to plant!

Prices start from $400. Please contact us for details or to arrange a measure and quote.

Automated drip irrigation

With the correct tools and knowledge, irrigation can be very simple. For the majority of crops, this involves setting up an automatic drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation allows the water to be placed where the plants need it – in the soil where their root can access it. It reduces plant disease and dramatically reduces water use.

Sow Great can design and install automated drip or sprinkler systems based on your soil type, plants that you are growing, water pressure and access.

Prices start at $150. Please contact us for more details or to arrange a measure and quote.