Get our professional secrets to grow more and grow better

Sow Great is so great because you get your own personal agronomist to give you all the secrets of success. We coach you to become a veggie gardener extraordinaire!

Understanding soil science, climate, pest and disease, and the nutritional needs of different plants can make the difference between a disappointing or failed crop and an abundant, great quality harvest.

A qualified agronomist has a university degree in agronomy, which teaches a deeper understanding of the interplay between all the different factors that enhance crop production. We bring that specialised knowledge to share with you and your family, and help you nurture your crop step-by-step.

Each visit, we’ll give you a simple but detailed report on soil health, nutrient adjustments and the species and location of any pests and disease. In a separate report, we will recommend how to protect your plants from these pests and diseases, and what (if any) fertiliser is needed for maximum health and growth. We’ll include any other recommendations, such as pruning, watering and weeding, that will affect the overall health and growth of your plants.

The support of an agronomist will educate you and give you a skill for life, not to mention take all the uncertainty and guesswork out of growing your own food!

Know More. Grow More