We want to share the enjoyment and science of home-grown produce

Sow Great makes the science of growing great food fun and simple so everyone with a patch of land, or even a balcony, can start growing things they love to eat – and be sure of a successful harvest.

Our promise is to help you get the most from your particular space – whether that’s one square metre in an inner-city backyard or balcony, or many more on a high-rise rooftop, a community garden, acreage or a hobby farm.

As experienced agronomists, we will give you all the knowledge and support you need so your garden grows and thrives with produce that is full of delicious goodness.

Let’s rediscover the pleasures of growing our own food – and teach the kids or grandkids where our food comes from. It reconnects us with nature, enhances our meals and saves money at the supermarket.

Sow Great offers a range of fixed price Gourmet Garden Plans or agronomy consultation in the Brisbane region of Queensland.

Sow Great is owned and managed by Tom Farmer (BAgrSc, MBus, Agronomist) who has an agronomy degree from University of Queensland and has worked as an agronomist in commercial food production for several years.

It’s a science. It’s an education. It’s a pleasure!